Anti-Spam Filter: Protect your professional emails

Viamultimedia offers a new anti-spam filter for your professional emails. For both incoming and outgoing emails, Pro ViaSecure+ anti-spam filter is powered by SpamExperts.

It will be your emails’ best friend.

Advanced spam protection

Protect yourself from incoming spam, viruses, phising, malware, ransomware and any other threats that can be problematic for your devices; and all of this with a filtering accuracy rate of around 100%.

Filtre anti-spam Sécurisez vos courriels professionnels
Détection immédiate des nouvelles attaques

Immediate detection of new attacks

Continuous data collection and analysis provide the necessary information to predict and identify new attacks. This intelligence is shared in real time with all customers around the world, ensuring an effective protection.

Email availability

When the mail server is temporarily unavailable, our system will still let you read, write and reply to emails stored in our waiting line until the server is once more available.

Disponibilité du serveur mail

Via Secure+ Anti-spam filter: Questions and answers

How does the filter work?

Emails are routed through intelligent self-learning servers that detect and block spam before it reaches your inbox.

How long does it before its activated?

Configuration is quick and automated; the anti-spam filter will be up and running and protecting your emails within minutes.

What is the filtering rate?

Thanks to the filtering of million of emails on daily basis, the filters have a peak rate with an accuracy of almost 100%.

Can I still access blocked emails?

Yes! Thanks to a complete cPanel, you’ll be able to search through journals, quarantined items and use a handful of other tools.

Save time and resources.

Via Secure+ helps customers reduce resource usage while providing regular monitoring and updates with new features.

How much is it?

Start protecting your incoming and outgoing emails from 3,99$ CAD a month for your domain name.

What are the benefits?

Incoming emails

  • Complete inbox protection at competitive pricing.
  • Increase email continuity and redundancy.
  • Extremely precise filtering.
  • Easy to setup.
  • User friendly interface.

Outgoing emails

  • No more blacklisting of your IPs.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Protect your reputation.
  • Increase the continuity and delivery of outgoing emails.
  • Improve abuse management.