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Strengthen Your Inbox With An Anti-Spam Tool

Anti-spam : At Viamultimédia, we know that you alreay receive a large quantity of emails during a single day without having to clean your inbox every time. How to easily have a clean inbox? For every customer who decide to [...]
Emails: POP or IMAP Protocols?

Emails: POP or IMAP Protocols?

Nous allons évoquer les choix à faire en terme de protocole pour les courriels. On va parler surtout des différences de comportement et de bien les comprendre. With this article, we will address the different email protocols available. We will [...]
The Coronavirus also Attacks The Internet

How to detect spam emails

Despite the evolution of anti-spam filters, some smarter spam might manage to sneak their way into your inbox. There's about 1% of chance of you finding spam emails in your inbox. Phishing and Spear phishing Malware Drive by Download attacks [...]