Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of sale

This page can be updated at any time.
Last updated: February 10th, 2022.

The purpose of these GENERAL CONDITIONS is to define the conditions under which Viamultimedia provides the Customer with the Service (s) that the Customer accepts without reservations or restrictions.

These GENERAL CONDITIONS may, where appropriate, be supplemented by Special Conditions.

Acceptance and/or validation by the Customer of a Purchase Order produced by Viamultimedia implies unreserved acceptance of these GENERAL CONDITIONS.

Viamultimédia Web Hosting is owned by Viamultimédia.
The client confirms being over 18 years of age.

Domain names

The customer can register, transfer or renew a domain name with Viamultimedia.


For the registration of a domain name, it is up, by our search engine, to the customer to carry out all checks of the availability of a domain name which he wishes to register, as well as to ensure that the said domain name is available.

However, finding the domain name and paying for the registration of a domain name does not immediately guarantee the registration of that domain name. You will receive confirmation that the chosen domain name has been registered in your name and in the email, you used to create your account.

The activation of the new registration of a domain name can take up to 48 hours after its order has been confirmed (payment made and propagation included).


Payment for a domain name renewal must be made before its expiration date, whether for registered, transferred or renewed domains.


You can get a FREE .com domain name with the following web hosting packages:


1 – This annual free admission is/and will remain valid as long as your package corresponds to a domain name reserved with Viamultimedia.
2 – You will keep this free until the annual renewal of your package corresponding to your domain name.
3 – You cannot claim a free domain name if it is reserved with another registrar.
4 – The free admission cannot be exchanged with an already existing package linked to a domain name reserved with another registrar.


Once registered, transferred or renewed, domain names are non-refundable. It is a property right that is valid for one year and more depending on the choice of registrations, transfers, or renewals.

Web hosting

Unless otherwise specified, prices are expressed in Canadian dollars and excluding taxes; the price is payable in advance upon transmission of the order.

We offer the option of paying in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, and Euros. These currencies must be chosen in relation to the respective Countries handling the relevant currency.

All orders considered fraudulent will be automatically refused.

Any pornographic or pedophile content referring to racist, terrorist or pirating groups or any other content deemed illegal is not tolerated on our servers.

The customer has the right, after any new order, to request a refund within 30 days, if he is not satisfied. He must open a technical support ticket and then prove his dissatisfaction with his order or the products in his order. All fixed costs incurred by the order will be deducted from the refund. (Ex: Annual price of the Domain Name)

Here are the various late fees if your product has not been paid when due at Viamultimedia:

Domain name: 25$ per domain name
Web hosting plan: 30$ per plan – Reactivation fee included
Dedicated server/Cloud: 30$ on a monthly basis- Reactivation fee included

The customer will not be refunded for his services in the event of an Account cancellation with overdue invoices in his Account. The customer will have to pay their overdue invoices to obtain a refund while respecting the termination of their contract, by contacting us within 30 days of the expiration date.

The customer agrees not to exceed the disk space and bandwidth provided for in his flat-rate contract. If it exceeds the bandwidth, the site may be down until the end of the month in question.

Viamultimedia can at any time close an account if your products and services are no longer granted to our DNS Servers, at the time of the DNS Check propagation, or to our IP servers. In this case, no refund will be made, since it is the customer’s responsibility to no longer use the Viamultimedia services and their DNS.

Web Hosting files

The customer is responsible for managing his files and the space reserved with his plan.

Viamultimedia cannot be held responsible for infections suffered by its customers. The customer is fully responsible for backing up his internal files in the space allocated to him in his package. Customers are responsible to create a backup copy regularly.

The customer can request to reset a backup of their files for up to 6 days. This request will be accepted by order of a technical support ticket via its Customer Area. No backup reset of its files will be accepted by email.


Viamultimedia reserves the right to suspend or terminate without notice if anything breaches the terms and conditions.

The customer may request the termination of his contract by contacting us within a minimum of 30 days before the expiry date of the initial term of this contract.

A cancellation fee of $ 90.00 without notice will be charged for all cancellations received that do not respect the minimum period of 30 days.

Viamultimedia can cancel/delete from the servers at any time any web hosting package/plans, therefore the customer has not or will not have honored his due payment, and exceeding 90 days after its annual due date.

Emails services

Outgoing Emails

Sending unsolicited e-mail is strictly prohibited through our servers. If the customer is caught in the act, their account will be deleted. Viamultimedia is not responsible for the data collection methods employed by its customers.

Bulk email sending is not accepted and configured at Viamultimedia. We are not a mass mailing company. You are granted a sending quota of 250 emails per hour maximum.

Payment methods

Only online payments by Paypal and Credit Card are accepted.

Payments are due upon receipt of the invoice by the customer. If payment for a product or service has not been made before or equal to the due date, the account will be suspended without notice and late fees equivalent to the product will be added automatically regardless of the context.

Automated Payments

Viamultimedia uses an automated payment method. The automatic payment is activated from the first product payment or the registration of a credit card.

Automatic payments are made at least five days before the due date of the invoice.

The customer can deactivate automatic payment at any time by opening a support ticket at

The customer, if he withdraws from automatic payment, must ensure manual payment to continue to benefit from his products and / or services.

Our Program

The Viamultimedia affiliate program allows you to generate significant income by referring clients to us. As easy as that!

You could receive up to 150.00$ (CAD) for each customer referred. For top-performing affiliates, this can mean thousands of dollars in commissions per month.

Become an affiliate and maximize your earnings.

Who is this Affiliate Program for?

The affiliate program is aimed at individuals and/or businesses who wish to promote a service by placing graphic banners or text links on their website.

This program is particularly effective with developers, web agencies, SEO specialists, and entrepreneurs. It allows them to generate additional income by referring their client to a service provider, at a very competitive price.

Why choose our Affiliate Program?

High Conversion Rate: An efficient sales team and maximally optimized site design allow you to generate more sales with fewer clicks.
High commissions. You receive up to 20% of the initial sale.
Quality product. Our products and services are highly competitive and constantly evolving in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology.
Marketing graphics and texts. We offer you graphic banners, sales texts, and technical support to help you optimize your affiliate partnership.
Detailed reports. You always have access to detailed and up-to-date reports of your sales and visits, allowing you to keep an eye on the progress of your affiliation.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Once your registration is accepted, you will receive secure access to your Affiliate Console. There you will find your unique affiliate code, as well as graphic banners and text links to use to advertise our services.

Place the code corresponding to our banners or links on your website, in a prominent place. Each time a visitor clicks on the ad, our system will automatically detect the referral. As soon as a customer has made a purchase on our site, you will receive a commission for that sale.

Once you have reached the minimum threshold, all you have to do is ask us for payment of your commissions. Funds will be sent by Paypal or by check, depending on your preference.

Become an affiliate and maximize your earnings.

How much can I make off of the Affiliate Program?

The amounts may vary depending on the type of clients you refer and how often you refer them to us.

Ready to promote our products and services?

I want to promote your products and services by referring you to my website.


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Viamultimedia guarantees excellent service to its customers and guarantees to provide quality products in accordance with the configurations of each product or service.