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WooCommerce : Creating a Online Store

Woocommerce is a wonderful open source WordPress plugin that is required to create an online store on a WordPress platform.

As of today, it is the most popular plugin to sell products and services online.

Woocomerce was developed in 2011 by WooThemes, and since has been dedicated to e-commerce. It’s the perfect tool for small and medium businesses to sell products and services online.

The company has over 150 employees across 32 countries. The plugin has incredible features and benefits.

Extension Woocommerce

Woocommerce benefits

WooCommerce has been developed exclusively for WordPress; a CMS that’s used for 41% of websites worldwide.

Woocommerce store it’s also:

  • Complete tool to sell online
  • Affordable
  • Updated regularly
  • Compatible with a wide variety of adapted themes
  • Compatible with a wide variety of plugins
  • Full of additional features
  • Offers multiple types of payments
  • Offers helpful SEO features

Woocommerce functionalities

Here are a few functionalities:

Woocommerce products

  • Adding and configuring store information
  • Adding, deleting or deleting products
  • Import or export products
  • Adding Categories and Product Tags
  • Adding, editing, deleting product attributes
  • Different types of products: simple, variable, external/affiliated, downloads
  • Product optimization and cross-selling
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Taxes and tax condition management (CSV Import)
  • Adding, editing, or deleting promotional codes


  • Order management, validation and editing
  • Order status mangement and validation
  • Custom emails for customer orders
  • Create, print and send by email invoices shipping documents in PDF format with the help of the PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce plugin


  • Adding, editing or deleting shipping methods
  • Shipping costs management


  • Various options such as the ability to order as a guest
  • Customer account management
  • Get customer feedback
  • Managing Sales terms and conditions

Woocommerce statistics

The WooCommerce extension itself also can generate sales reports. Or you can also use the Woocommerce Classement plugin which also gives you the freedom to create visually helpful reports thanks to over 30 graphs for sales, visits, and conversions.

WooCommerce Web Hosting

It is vital to choose the right web hosting plan for WooCommerce.

Tools and resources

It is vital to use efficient tools and resources given that WooCommerce and its plugins, free or not, are greedy and consume a lot of energy.


The speed of your website will contribute to the success of your customer conversion.

It is important to choose a web host offering high-performance servers and plans.

Viamultimedia offers a WooCommerce host plan. It includes all necessary tools and resources such as a secure environment, highly efficient cache, private SSL, private IP address, and daily backups.