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SSL Error in my Emails, What Do I Do?

SSL Error in my Emails, What Do I Do?

First of all, you'll need to go into your Email configurations and make sure that the outgoing server is using SSL. Afterwards make sure that you have either an auto-SSL or private SSL. If you're using a private SSL which doesn't cover sub-domains, update your incoming and outgoing servers without the email. The error will then disappear.
How Can I Optimize my Images for my Website?

How Can I Optimize my Images for my Website?

In order to optimize your website's speed, we recommend optimizing your images by either resizing or compressing them; or both. If you have Photoshop, great, otherwise here are a few free web tools that you can use:Resizing your imagesCompress an image
Get technical support for your cPanel

How Can I Get Help for cPanel Technical Support?

In order to get technical support for a cPanel intervention, you will need to open a support ticket. We will not intervene in your cPanel if you decide to call in. Please provide as much information as possible and the domain name.Open a support ticket.

How Can I Consult my Invoices?

In order to consult your invoices, simply log into your customer account. In the top menu, you'll see **My Invoices**. You view them in PDF format by clicking on a specific invoice and you'll be able to either print or download it.

Can I Get Domain Privacy Protection?

In order to protect your name, email, phone number and address, you can add domain privacy protection when buying your domain name. For 14,90$/year, you get peace of mind.
How to Check the DNS Propagation?

How to Check the DNS Propagation?

In order to check your DNS propagation, simply head over to DNS CHECKER. Enter your domain name and select which value you want to check up on: A record, MX, NS, TXT, etc... If your propagation is in progress, you'll the status of it for every city in the world.
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