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Eco Friendly Web Hosting Services

Is Viamultimedia eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly web hosting company: Reducing our CO2 emissions has become a vital engagement.

This engagement towards our planet needs to remain in our human hearts. We are very sensible to the concerns of businesses, and people in their environmental and ecological views.

For years, Viamultimédia has been working to reduice its carbon footprint on the environment.

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In order to provide eco-friendly web hosting services, we first need to choose a responsible and sustainable digital ecosystem.

Our servers are located in Canadian datacenters, most notably Montreal.

Datacenter efficiency

We measure the efficiency of our data centers. Which represents the energy efficiency index.

Renewable Energy Rate

The energy factor gives an encouraging and excellent rate of renewable energies.

Ratio of Reused Components

Out of 100 components used, 34 are reconditioned parts.

Hydroelectric Energy

Our data centers are powered by hydroelectricity, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Concrete business actions and solutions

Un hébergement web écoresponsable

Preserving our forests

No usage of paper; we don’t print anymore or send letters to our customers.

We only use Emails.

Remote Teamwork

Our team has been working remotely for over 10 years, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Since way before the pandemic.

Local Economy

We actively take part in Quebec’s local economy. We priotize locale businesses.

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