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Emails: POP or IMAP Protocols?

Nous allons évoquer les choix à faire en terme de protocole pour les courriels. On va parler surtout des différences de comportement et de bien les comprendre. With this article, we will address the different email protocols available. We will tackle their unique behavior and make sure you understand them.

POP Protocol

Si vous téléchargez vos courriels en local sur votre ordinateur suivant le protocole POP, vous ne pourrez plus visualiser ces courriels sur un autre appareil, puisqu’ils ne se trouveront plus sur le serveur, mais sur votre ordinateur. If you download your emails locally on your laptop or personal computer (PC), they will not be available on the server, but only on your device.

IMAP Protocol

Unlike the POP protocol, IMAP will sync your messages between devices meaning that your emails will remain on the server and be accessible from your laptop, mobile device, or your personal computer. The main issue with the IMAP will come down to server storage. While it can be increased (with associated costs), if you hoard your emails, you might run out of space eventually.

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They will be updated and synched on the server-side. Keep in mind that deleting emails from one of your devices will also delete it from the server and any other device you use to consult your emails.

Which Protocol to choose?

In order to select the protocol that suits you, it all depends on your end goal. If you’re a sole manager, having emails on a single PC might be best for your needs; so you’d use the POP.

Although it is important to note that using the POP protocol requires special attention. There is a way to keep a copy of your emails on the server, but you need to check the Leave a copy of the messages on the server box.

This will allow your emails to re-sync all of your emails in case your switch to an IMAP protocol or if you are experiencing issues with the Outlook database.

You can also determine the number of days before your emails are archived. Checking the first option, which allows you to forgo setting a number of days, will result in an archive of all of your emails.

Donc nous conseillons de ne pas supprimer vos messages du serveur en configuration POP. We strongly recommend not deleting your emails from the server if you’re opting for the POP protocol.

Obviously, if you keep all emails, especially those with attachments, server space may become an issue but at least you’ll have a complete back up of your emails.

Garder une copie sur serveur - Courriels

NB: If you’re looking to switch from POP to IMAP, make sure to create a backup of your Outlook PST file. or contact the customer/technical support of your web hosting company to make sure you know what to do.