Identity Protection for your Domain Name

In the United States alone, there are roughly 9 millions cases of identity theft and 3 000 000 spam emails are sent each year. Spammers can get a hold of your personal data via the WHOIS file of your domain name.

Protecting your domain name’s identity is very important.

It allows you to hide your personal data and offer a layer of protection against identity theft, fraud or hacking attempts on your website.

Benefits of protecting your identity

    • Protects your personal data
    • Reduce spam emails
    • Protects against scammers
    • Controls access to your personal data
Protéger vos données

Protect your data with a single click

Protect your personal data such as name, email, phone number and address against scammers.

Évitez tout contact malveillant

Avoid any suspicious contact

Furthermore, avoid any contact with possible scammers that you think might use your personal data so you don’t get sollicitated by email or phone.

SVP entrez le nom de domaine SVP entrez le nom de domaine

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What is WHOIS?

The whois is a public file that allows anyone to consult the contact/persona information registered owner of a registered domain name and/or IP.

How long does it take to be enabled?

It is enabled instantly once the identity protection order is complete.

Can people still contact me?

When you register a domain name with identity protection, your personal data will only be known by your webhosting company like ViaMultimédia.
Every contact request will be transfered to you..

Does it apply to all domain names?

Our identity protection service is compatible with most domain names. However, certain conditions

Activation en ligne

You can enable our identity protection service for your domain name with a simple click.