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Status of Our Online Services

Experiencing a website, email or server outage doesn’t make things easy. Business and customer relations are more important nowadays and time is precious.

So in case of issues, we want to know quickly what is going 7 days a week.

Great news, dear customers, resellers and affiliates, it is now possible to know the status of our online services.

Statuts des services en ligne

Status of our Services

The status of our services is the perfect way to find out what problem might be occuring on our servers. Check status

You will now be able, in real time, look at the current issues and what we’re doing to fix our issues.

Nos services en ligne

1 – Web hosting, WordPress, emails
2 – Domain names (API)
3 – Dedicated servers
4 – Cloud servers
5 – Technical support
6 – CDN

How can I view this information?

Simply access our Status page.
It’s accessible from main menu, footer and Technical Support section.

Furthermore, we can follow up with customers who will request to know more about on-going issues.

Statuts des services - Menu principal
Statuts des services - Pied de page

What does that entail?

You will access to all current services and their status. Under each service, you will find:

1 – Time and date of outage.
2 – What we did to fix it.
3 – Date and time when the issue was fixed.

Do I have to call technical support?

We do ask for customers to not call during outages so we can concentrate on fixing the issues as quickly as possible.

However, if you must contact us during an outage, please fill out the technical support form.

We have created this page to keep our customers updated of the status of services and as a peace of mind if and when outages occur.

I'm a reseller, what can I do?

Feel free to consult our service status page in order to give your customers detailed information of what’s happening.