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How to transfer a domain name

Transferring a domain name: This process consist of transferring a domain name ownership to another party.

The registrar is the entity that registers and managed domain names.

Comment transférer un nom de domaine

Can I transfer my domain name to Viamultimedia?

Yes. Any time you can do an online transfer of your domain name over to Viamultimedia.

Domain Name Transfert Process

In order to launch a domain name transfer, please follow the following steps:

  • Make sure that your domain name is unlocked and you have the EPP code (transfert code).
  • Confirm that your email is linked to the domain name(WHOIS)
  • Follow the instructions provided by Viamultimedia to begin the transfer. This can be to provide the EPP code and confirmation email. Begin domain name transfer
  • Wait until the transfer is complete; which can take at least a week depending on the registrar.*1
  • Verify the status of your transfer in your Customer account –> Domain name section

*1 For example, most of the time, .CA will be completed on the same day. On the hand hand, .COM domain names can take up to 5 business days.

Can I manage the domain names' DNS?

Yes. Once the transfer is complete, you can manage the DNS entries from your customer account.

Can I edit the WHOIS information after the domain name transfer?

Yes. From your customer account you can edit the WHOIS profile information for your newly acquired domain name.

Can I get help for my domain name transfer?

At all times, you can contact our technical support and we will help you complete the transfer of your domain name.