VPN: Navigate The Web Safely

Secure and protect your time spent on the web - Secure and easy to use with the instant configuration.

Sécuriser votre navigation web

Get a secure and private access to the internet.

Protect your personal date and get peace of mind everytime you’re using a public Wi-Fi network; access personal and professional accounts on the road or keep your browsing history.

  • Hide your IP address
  • Protect your identity online
  • No tracing cookie to keep tab on your browsing history
  • Secure your online banking transactions
  • Utilisez un cryptage de niveau militaire
  • Be safe even with public Wi-Fi networks
Protégez tous vos appareils.

Protégez tous vos appareils.

One-click configurable VPN for MAC, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Access the internet no matter where you are; from a personal computer or mobile device. The auto-configuration is handled for most platforms*, allowing you to navigate the internet without restriction and no complex coding or configuration. Download and connect!

* Additional platforms can be configured manually.

  • $  4,99
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • 53 locations across the world
    • Unlimited downloads
    • 10 devices per account
    • No journal
    • P2P authorized
    • Port servers between 1 and 10 Gbit/s